"We doubled our average project profit per hour in just 6 months"

Welcome to the Project Profit Programme!

A 6-Step Process to strategically double the net profit of your project-based business without increasing sales and without changing your internal software! 


This program is designed around a methodology used by the top 1% most profitable projects-based businesses. 

Clarity on costs

Classification - what makes the top 20% the top 20%?

Clarity On time 

Pipeline -Driving the Change from the font!

the magic Number-Real Project Profit per Hour 

Economies of Focus - Reducing costs for sweet - spot Projects.

Ever wondered how companies with LESS STAFF, LESS EXPERIENCE and LESS AMAZING PEOPLE than you, MAKE MORE MONEY than you do?

How to DOUBLE the NET PROFIT of your project-based business in just 12 months by using the RIGHT DATA to drive the right behaviour

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Clarity On Costs

There's a big difference between receiving monthly, quarterly, and annual accounts from your accountant, and having true visibility on the actual costs of a project. This is the foundation to everything else we do in the programme. 

Core Components:

1. Connecting the system 
2. Tags and Categories 
3. Exception Reporting and accountability 

Clarity On Time

If you're running timesheets at all, at best their probably estimates, not all staff use them, and they're recorded, filed, and forgotten about?

To get real clarity on time for every opportunity, every project, and every type of work within them you need a different approach. 

Core Components:

1. Implementing Timing Software 
2. Work Types and how to categorise time
3. Exception Reporting and accountability  

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The Real Magic Number-Real Project Profit Per Hour 

This metric brings it all together, if you hate hard to read monthly accounts that don't really lead you to a course of action, you'll love this metric... 

Core Components:

1. Reporting in place

2. Understanding drill downs and drill through

3. Setting the target

4. Feeding WIP back into the accounts 

Classification - What Make The Top 20% The Top 20%?

You've always known some projects are far better than others, but now you have real proof, and you know exactly which ones are and which ones aren't! Now you need to find out what makes the best, the best.

Core Components:

1. Identify your repeatable "perfect projects"
2. Finding "soft" and "hard" attributes
3. Classifying Projects 

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Pipeline -Driving The Change From The Front!

Finally we're here, we have a defined criteria of "hard" and "soft" attributes that make a "perfect project" that hits your profit per hour every time. Now to use that information to drive the increase in net profit.

Core Components:

1. Classify Your Pipeline
2. Ratings
3. Focus 

Economies Of Focus - Reducing Costs For Sweet - Spot Projects

With the focus on just those projects with the attributes that make them perfect for you, the economies of focus come into play.


How do you reduce costs for those specific projects?

Core Components:

1. Pipeline Optimization 
2. Templates, Templates, Templates 
3. Volume Sourcing 


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