A 10 Hour Development package is a great way to move your dashboard forward and keep it relevant as your business changes.


Book a session to go through all those great new dashboard ideas, the report you need for the monthly mangement meeting or maybe its that clunky excel sheet your desperate to automate. Either way, if the data's there, we can use it. 


All 10 hours will be spent on your request, any hours remaining can be used for future requests, we will inform you if we don't think your request can be fufilled in this time slot. 


10 Hour Development Package

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  • If your request is either not possible or way beyond your budgetted hours we will refund the hours not used in discussions and research regarding your request. 

  • In some cases we aren't able to start on requests immediatley, we will give you the start date of your request on submission, typically  2 weeks from date of purchase. We will refund you if the stated timescale isn't acceptable.