Reclaim Your Data with Multiple NetSuite Dashboards

Do you feel like your company’s data is a cluttered mess? If so, you're not alone. To achieve maximum efficiency, it’s beneficial to have multiple dashboards within your business.

In the modern world, there are many different types of data which need to be tracked to assist employees in making smart business decisions. This includes sales, purchasing, operations, and finance, to name a few. The problem with having only one dashboard is that you must choose which area is the single most important area to you, or your business. To propel your business into the next stage of growth, you need to be able to see key metrics across all departments.

If you are not looking at the live data of your business, then chances are it is costing you money. So, what different dashboards can you expect? Tesylate can create customised dashboards to suit your business’s unique needs. Below are some examples:

Sales Dashboard

How can you make decisions without knowing the sales and gross profit of your business by the hour, and by the minute? Tesylate uses Power BI in LiveQuery mode, not in Loaded mode like other providers on the market. This functionality allows data refreshing to occur faster on your dashboard than any other dashboard out there. Perfect for tracking sales that change second by second. Never be behind again!

Operations Dashboard

Are you on top of your daily, weekly and monthly goals? Tesylate’s operations dashboard is perfect for making sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Tesylate’s customisation enables you to track targets, even if they're constantly changing. Motivate your warehouse staff with clear visibility of performance, so everyone in the company is working towards the same goals.

Finance Dashboard

Navigate by the numbers, ditch those spreadsheets and get your finances live! Tesylate's finance dashboard uses advanced visualizations to show you the breakdown of your financials. Whether it’s revenue or spending, Tesylate has got you covered! We tailor our Reporting Suite to your exact needs, consulting with you at every stage.

Purchasing Dashboard

Set key performance indicators within purchasing and maximise your stock efficiency, all whilst minimizing stock-outages. Tesylate's dashboard for purchasing is a tool that can be used to make sure your stock levels are always perfectly balanced. Our Data Scientists transform your information, manipulating complex figures to become intuitive and useful visual data.

If your business could benefit from multiple NetSuite dashboards, book a free consultation call. There you can talk openly, and honestly, about your business goals and challenges with Tesylate’s Managing Director, Adam Rowles.

Talk through your processes and systems and let us help you measure what matters. We can then build your dashboard into a full reporting suite, covering every department of your business. In this new economy where data is the new gold, numbers matter more than ever!

Book your call today here.

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