You invested in the LATEST software... but your REPORTING is still stuck in the 80's?


Combine the POWER of your NETSUITE system with Power BI the most advanced business analytics platform for all your business departments 


Know the sales, and GP by the hour and by the minute.


Give Purchasing KPI's and maximise your stock efficiency whilst minimizsng stock-outs 


Motivate the warehouse staff with clear visibility of performance. 


Navigate by the Numbers, ditch those spreadsheets and get your finances live!


- Our High Performance SQL Data Warehouse and our revolutionary incremental refresh with NetSuite drives refresh times of 5 minutes or less.

- We use Power BI in LiveQuery mode not in Loaded mode like most of our competitors, this makes refresh super fast

- The Tesylate Chrome Add-In displays the dashboards in full screen, refresh's the tabs whilst they're not visible to give a clean and professional look in your office, whilst displaying the data up to the minute.

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Tailored to you in every way,

Every business is different, with different reporting needs. Power BI is the most flexiable BI tool on the market. We take it to the next level.

We tailor our Reporting Suite to your exact needs consulting with you at every stage

Hear what Jim says about the Reporting Suite we tailored to Capella Solutions needs.

The Power of Write Back

Ever look at a report, see some incorrect data and wish you could edit it there and then?

With Power BI Write-Back you can, and our bi-directional synchronisation with NetSuite allows you to edit data in the report and have it reflect back into NetSuite.


Stop wasting time flicking to and from different tabs:

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Notifications, Bi Alerts, and Daily Emails

Not everyone has the time to run reports, not everyone is in the office.

This is where email alerts come in, we've developed an extension to the standard Power BI alerts to email a screenshot of any dashboard to any list of internal and external email addresses and whatever schedule suits.

Hit Target?
Some results need celebrating, some situations need urgent attention, stay in the loop with Alerts, these are notifications trigger by the data. For example a customer service case reaches its SLA with being resolved, the sales team hit their monthly target and so on.

Get notifications wherever you are using:
1. WhatsApp
2. Text
3. Email
4. Slack
5. Teams

Top Quality Support

Your business is moving, changing, growing, your reports needs to stay relevant.

Our ongoing support and high-value development hour packages keep the dashboard moving with you.

But don't take from us,

Hear what Pieres has to say!

Summary on the Screen
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Summary on the Screen

We believe your team should know whether they are winning or losing in less than 5 seconds. We use visuals colour and numbers to keep your team informed.

(yes and before you ask, we can sound a noise when you
hit target)

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Detail on the desktop

We optimise reports for their use case, creating interactive analysis for Desktop use.

We create:
1. Filters
2. Drill Downs and Drill throughs.
3. Interactive filtering between visuals

And when you've filtered your report to the
data you need, you can bookmark it for future

Detail on the Desktop

Done for you - start to finish.

Stop reviewing endless Bl options and connectors, with nearly 100 clients in our portfolio we know what it takes to build the best dashboards there are.

We handle the whole process, end to end, send us your NetSuite credentials, attend a few meetings and get it done.

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STOP producing poor, boring reports...

UNLOCK your DATA, ENGAGE your TEAM, create: